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Within Groupe MEDICOS, we want to make sustainable development a major strategic direction.
We believe that sustainability and growth are complementary and are necessary to be competitive.

Our companies are approved by the Ecovadis platform with a Silver rating.
Our CSR approach draws its strength from our products, our actions and our human aspects.

We continually invest in Research and Development to guarantee innovating packaging designed and manufactured using an eco‑responsible approach:

The eco-design thought process starts from the work of all teams involved in the development of lighter products, rechargeable, etc.

Proactive initiatives for example by sourcing materials composed of recycled and recyclable elements

Carbon footprint monitoring for all our products

Preferential recyclable materials for the production of our jar, dropper & roll-on packs.

Our packs are certified by ECOCERT et COSMOS

Every year we seek to reduce the greenhouse effect gas emissions from our companies, wastage of all types as well as our water consumption:

  • Reduced water consumption via internal circuits to cool our presses
  • The utilisation of water-based lacquer instead of solvent based
  • Office radiators heated using the hot water from the press circuits and implementation of LED drying instead of UV drying

MEDICOS is a people-sized group and human contact with our companies’ different partners is a priority. Humanity is our wealth and a most valued asset:

  • The creation of a program of well-being in order to improve work quality and conditions for our employees (for example, refitting of offices, break areas, etc.)
  • The protection and safety of our employees are a priority
  • Transparency: An earnest policy is the key to an ideal collaboration