Since it was created in 2002, MEDICOS has successfully combined Growth and Diversification to its values of Courage, Loyalty and Commitment.

MEDICOS’s economic model is both simple and robust; it generates value using several strategic approaches:

  • The acquisition of ever more cutting-edge technology supplemented by proficient expertise:
    High quality processes of plastic injection: products and additional components (jars, caps, droppers… ) decorated using different finishing techniques;
    Tubular glass for the production of pipettes and bottles;
  • A “quality and lean” approach used as managerial leverage, but also as the base with which to control continuous improvement processes and actions.
  • Excellent management of all aspects: design, industrialisation, manufacturing, decoration, distribution
  • A Made In Europe production: our products are manufactured in our factories in France and Italy and we favour European sourcing
  • Possibility of complete products: within our range of standard products and the option of developing custom-made products
  • The aim to achieve industrial and commercial synergy:
    3 production units organised into profit centres with complementary expertise and converging commercial actions targeting partners who are often in a common circle.
  • Presence on 2 markets: Beauty and Food industry.
  • An entrepreneurial shareholder culture which is synonymous with strong operational commitment, fast decision-making and long term strategy.

Central to all our units are:


The search for transparency, reliability, trust and good will.


Sensitivity to beauty which is expressed through our products and the architecture of our industrial buildings.


The search for a balance that combines innovation, economic performance, respect for members of staff and rigorous management.

Our aim is to be a European contributor of excellence in the design, co-design and production of parts or its components for the most demanding sectors of the Beauty and Food industry markets.