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88, rue du Président Edouard Herriot,
69002 LYON

Since it was created in 2002, MEDICOS has successfully combined Growth and Diversification to its values of Courage, Loyalty and Commitment.

Mino Gaillard <br> MEDICOS Izernore

Mino Gaillard
MEDICOS Izernore

Z.I La Plaine

+33 (0)4 74 76 99 27

Mino Gaillard joined the Medicos Group in 2012 and following massive investments in its production units and equipment, it returned to sustained growth at the end of 2013.

It is one of the last remaining independent French companies in the Beauty Market selective segment?? as both a specialist in thick walled transparent material parts (Surlyn®, petg, Pctg, Smma, San, etc.) which it injects, finishes and assembles on its production lines for many prestigious clients who can clearly identify with its historic and rare expertise in the field.

The company is also the French specialist for mould blocks used in the dairy industry.

CO.VE. <br> MEDICOS Milan


Via delle Industrie, 15/11
20044 ARESE

+39 02 938 1736

MEDICOS Milan is a company located in Italy for over 50 years which joined Medicos Group in 2015. A specialist in tubular glass, it has doubly marked the group’s story by enriching its technological resources and by illustrating its strategic will to support its main companies abroad.

MEDICOS Milan, mastering the glass processing techniques
(stretching, assembling and finishing) Co.Ve offering Medicos a complete line of pipettes and bottles, thereby providing a global offer in the Beauty sectors.

Janvier <br> MEDICOS Chassal


Z.I Champ Frevan

+33 (0)3 84 42 43 98

In July 2017, the MEDICOS Group expanded into another region in France, the Jura by acquiring one of the region’s historic companies. JANVIER, founded in 1926, strengthens MEDICOS’s presence in the Beauty market, premium and masstige sectors through its wide range of standard and custom-made fragrance caps.

For almost a century, JANVIER has been a leader in single and bi(-material) plastic injection, combined with various decorative techniques (hot stamping, tampo printing, silk-screen printing and IML), it injects, finishes and assembles “in line”.

The industrial modernisation using robotics has been accomplishing by the employees’ exceptional expertise, used on several production lines installed in the clean room.